January 25, 1995 - June 11, 2008




We can still hear the “click click” of your paws as you moved slowly across the room--

The  gentle rhythm of you getting a cool drink from your dish—

Your soft eyes gleaming when you met us at the door –always with a smile-

Your gentle snug to get a much needed rub—

 You gave us your love unconditionally-

Truly, we have been blessed to have had you in our home and a member of our family--

You will be forever remembered and greatly missed-

Even though “Suzie’s Corner” is now an empty space—

You paw prints  have made their mark on our hearts forever—

You left us for a much needed rest- old girl—

All our love,


The “Boss” and the “Mrs” and Little “Sophie”































 Danville Humane Society